Nice to welcome you here.

I am Erwin Bell and I have a big passion; Game Design. Besides that, I have a huge terrible continuous urge to innovate, I see potential everywhere. Not only in games but in anything. And I can't stand when people in control don't have that urge, that was actual my biggest disappointment in my first real job.

I build websites for some clients based on Wordpress. I use this site to experiment for my clients you might see it change now and then, and the site may lack any information about myself, or it may look totally weird.

QA Testing for games and user interfaces is something I enjoy immensely. If you want to have your interface or game checked out, please contact me.  
Gamification is a big part of my game design toolset. If you want to implement some game design in your non-game environment, contact me.
Don't you hate it when your customers complain that your software, website, or product is difficult? Contact me to fix it!

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